Pampering weakens you. Love creates you.

It seems, “the need to be loved” rather than “the need to be pampered” is the greatest craving. What’s the difference?. To a lot of people being loved means their loved ones should always be soft with them, always agree with what they say, never complain, never push them beyond their comfort zones…..basically leave them as they are and not show any signs of wanting to change them. Pampering is – love me only the way I want to be loved.

Love is not love that pampers. Love is love that makes a difference. Pampering weakens you. Love creates you.

No man is perfect. There is endless scope to improve. Except those who love you, no one else cares about whether u improve or not. In the name of tolerance, pampering will leave u with imperfections. Even at cost of hurting your ego, love will give u feedback to make a difference to you. Pampering works on your ego. Love works on you.

No man can always be right. Love vill act as a mirror and reflect u to u – not as u want to be seen, but as u truly are. Pampering is a mere facade, wanting to appear nice. Love will take the risk of being mistaken and yet be a constructive critic.

Motivation level of most people are low. You need someone or something outside of j to push u. To demand – ‘Give more of urself to life’ is an intense expression of love. Pampering is like boozing. It gives u joyful evening, but nothing about u will change. Love is like meditation. Crave to be loved and to be created, and not to be pampered and allowed to stagnate.

Oh my beloved! I say to you, “My love may not come to u in the packaging you want. However, my love serves a purpose. It will create you”..

By – Harshi Makani.


When was the last time I did something for first time??

For most people, life is always on repetitive mode. Waking up on same time, struggling in bed for few minutes before getting up, brushing the same way, drinking same coffee, reading same newspaper, a time bound bath, hurried breakfast, road rage on the way to work, gossip and lunch, same route back home, same mega serials, arguments and compulsive dinner, crash out and wake up another time to another day for same routine.

Life needn’t be mundane and boring. Life needn’t be a year’s experience repeated ‘n’ times. Life needn’t be an imposition. There’s more to life than existing.

Pursue a new challenge every year and see how exciting life can be. Let there not be a phase in your life when u aren’t enrolled as an active student. It could be music lessons, playing instruments, dance classes, alternative medicine, new fitness regimes and yoga, creative writing, public speaking, photography…..this list is truly endless. Choose any and remain an active student.

Always be an explorer of life. Keep experimenting. Keep trying. Attempt something that hasn’t been attempted before. Try out new cuisines. Wear clothes you are shy of wearing. Try new hairstyle. Spend a day blind-folded. Switch roles at your workplace- how about MD at reception for a day?. Again the list goes endless. Keep going.

More than all your successes, achievements and accomplishments, the formula to a lively life is to keep answering the question: when was the last time I did something for the first time?. Celebrate life. Spell life with L.I.F.E. Be excited to be alive.

By Harshi Makani

Experience to visit at Dubai

I didn’t know what to feel when my father announced that the family was going on a trip to Dubai over the Christmas holidays. The truth is Dubai has never been anywhere near my travel radar, which is why I had no idea what to expect. So it’s a bit ironic (in a good way) that I come home declaring it as one of my favourite cities I’ve ever visited so far. And while that statement might come into question if I ever get to experience the Arabian summer, the Dubai during the cold season was certainly perfect! I’ve been thinking long and hard on how I would go about writing my Dubai travel blog posts. I write about the trip from here on out.
Dubai is a beautiful city. The main city is extremely modern, but there are still areas where one can appreciate the “old Dubai”. Driving around feels a little like you’re driving in circles. Actually it reminds me a little of Singapore in that sense because it’s almost as if you take a few spins on different roads in the same area to get from one place to another. It’s really interesting to just watch the city pass by the car window and marvel at how unique the buildings here are. List of places we visited includes :

1)Atlantis The Palm Dubai.

Atlantis, The Palm is a luxury hotel resort located at the apex of the Palm Jumeirah in the United Arab Emirates.

2)Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is a megatall skyscraper in Dubai, UAE. The architectural height of Burj Khalifa is 828 meters or 2717 feet. The highest occupied floor is level 154.

3)Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the third tallest hotel in the world.

Interior of burj al Arab.

4)Mall of the Emirates

For the record, the Mall of the Emirates was the only mall I got to walk around a little bit, so I have a couple of pictures of the mall itself, and it is gorgeous inside. I think it is my favourite in terms of interior design. I love the glass ceiling that lets in such ample sunlight. It was Christmas time when we visited so the decorations matched the season to a T. Dubai is touted as a shopping haven it made sense that I came across a lot of Filipino shoppers. It doesn’t really matter where we go, we always make it a point to visit the malls it seems. Here in Dubai however, the malls offer enjoyment beyond simply the pleasure of shopping.

5) Global village
Global village has various pavilions like India, Pakistan, Jordon, Germany, Iraq etc. Different pavilions describes about its unique culture and tradition.

6) The Grandest mosque of Abu Dhabi

Someone please pick my mouth up from the ground.

I’m trying to recall if I’ve ever been inside a mosque before, but I’m quite certain this is my first time being in one of this calibre. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is without a doubt a must-see when you visit Abu Dhabi. Whatever your religion might be, it doesn’t change the fact that this mosque is a work of art that deserves to be appreciated with an open mind. Hopefully my photographs will convince you.

Other places visited were Camel Safari, Dubai Museum and many more.

Now, coming to some of the cuisines that I enjoyed eating.

One of the food item that I like is cheese with bread for breakfast, and with these two stations filled to the brim, it’s enough to make anybody’s heart soar. I always say that how you take your breakfast can affect the rest of your day rather drastically. So while you’re on holiday, eat your favourite foods to your heart’s content right!? Apart from this there were many other amazing food items, but the list would go far long.

Here now, I come to end my blog by saying that it was my first best international trip I ever had in my dreams. Would love to visit it again whenever there’s a chance.

Can a boy and a girl be best friends? 

Yeah! According to me a boy and a girl can be best friends in the term as they want. Until and unless they share a perfect bond having true friendship, no other person has the authority to judge them in terms of their relation.

It’s high time that the gossip men’s and agony aunties stop judging every boy and girl they find as a couple. It is not necessary that every boy and girl are boyfriend and girlfriend of each other. I think not only relationship, nobody should be judged by its first appearance. Before judging, defining, commenting someone on basis of their personality, ethics, attiques etc try to give urself some time and patience to know that person in better manner rather than directly judging them in bad terms and making them feel embarrassed. That is the saying goes perfect that

“Never judge a book by it’s cover”

What must be faced,must be faced sooner rather than later…

It is a fact that most of us lack the courage to face the facts of life. Example:- I think my friend is drifting away from me. Only if u face this fact something or the other can be done about it. Most of the people try to avoid things happening in their life. Why is that we don’t know what we must know about our life? Problems should not be delayed. Showing courage for the right thing is your right decision. Save your courage to face problems of your life and not for irrelevant things.

“The forest fire you will face tomorrow is the little spark you tired to escape yesterday”. If you choose to face challenges in life, something can be done to win over it, but if you avoid it something gets nastier and at the end it revisits you. Escaping from challenges haunts you in your future. Escaping challenges and taking wrong decisions leaves you with regrets, and you end up saying”I should have done that”, but then it becomes too late to do it.

Life is like a game of chess
Your opponent player is your life with challenges.

If u understand the moves played by your life no one can stop you from winning over your challenges.

Facing challenges start with having courage to face facts in life. Escapism is not for people like you and me. What must be faced, must be faced sooner rather than later.

Importance of success in life

Often success driven people are driven by goals but I have personally learnt that much of life’s happiness, much of our feelings of fulfilment comes from the realisation that we are ‘walking than reaching our destination.

Success is the only thing that a person wishes to have in his/her life. As the sayings go “Empty vessels make much sound”, same goes with success, if a person doesn’t have a desired goal for his life his success has no value. To achieve success in life one must have desired path and direction that helps you reach till your success. Success doesn’t reach you just by dreaming about it you need to put in your hard work, dedication and efforts.

It’s who we become on the way to getting what we want. Let me put it another way, no matter the prize and no matter how big the goal, reaching our goals only accounts for a small percentage of our total happiness. The path till reaching our goals and aims is not all easy, but fighting towards the difficulties and obstacles and winning over it makes a person successful. Constantly improving and growing and setting new benchmarks can somehow help you achieve your success.

Becoming successful is not a matter of blind luck or occasional chance. Success is a skill, and its a skill anyone can learn. If you desire to be successful you have no choice but to learn the skills of positive habits and internal motivation, you must develop the skill of productive actions and you must develop the skill of creating powerful habits. All of which should and must be learnt if you want to find true success.

Finally I end my blog here, hope the readers reading my blogs achieve success in their life’s…