Types of people you and me will find at parties.

Hello guys…..wassup✋🏻 would like to discuss with you ‘Types of people found at parties“. So let’s begin.

1) The Clown:-

These are the types of people who are experts in cracking shitty and lame jokes. Literally they are just found in each and every corner of the party hall. ( It’s hard to tolerate them.😶)

2) The Hoggers:-

These are the types of people who are always found discussing about food items. As soon as they enter the first thing they want to do is go and check the menu list. ( Like come on parties are not always for eating food.) If you are foodie and you love food….rather make it at your home.😷

3) The Classy-Massy Prototypes:-

These are the types of people who make sure to look super classy and attractive wherein when they enter the party hall each and everybody literally slows down to just have a look at them from the top till the bottom. But, but on the other hand these are the only people who when open their mouth to talk they just fart (#their talks have no sense).

4) The Introverts:-

These are the kinds of people no matter how much you try but won’t get mix up with you at all. And at last you have to give up on convincing them.

5) The Drunkards:-

These are the kinds of people who just come to drink in the parties. You will always find them sitting in a corner with a glass of wine or maybe champagne (whatever it be) and then later on these are the people who can give you lots and lots of entertainment.

6) The ShowOffs (#TheKewlDudes):-

These are the kinds of people who try so hard to look so cool but end up showing off. I sometimes feel bad for them and feel like hugging them and saying ” It’s OK you look miserable so just stop your business of showing off dude”. But then sometimes i rather prefer standing there and laughing because i am an adult and I make good decisions.✌🏼😁

7) The Hitchhiker:-

There is this serious question i have with people as these are kinds of people who are always looking for the rides to home after the party. I would like to ask them “How did you end up there in the first place?”. Its like you reach someone to the party and you forget how to go back home as you are always looking for riders to drop you back home. Sometimes it’s not bad to drop someone home but until and unless that person is stuck up or unable to go home.

Alright guys, that were types of people you and me will always find at parties. See you soon with yet another interesting topic. Till then good bye.✋🏻


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